Creating Mailbox Databases In Exchange Server 2019

Today we are discussing about how we can create a mailbox database and how we will add Database copy in other server

  • Log on to Exchange Admin Center
  • Select Servers From the menu
  • Here we can see Exchange Servers and We have to go to next option Databases

From Database Menu Click on New Database and Fill the required Areas as per below image

Once Done Save and we have to Restart the information store after adding a new mailbox database

Go to Services and Restart the Microsoft Exchange Information Store

Now we have to add the database copy to other server that is member of Database Availability Group

Browse and select the Server this will keep a healthy copy of newly created mailbox in the selected server.

Once Saved we can see the servers Having copy of each database as per the Below image

This is how we are creating and maintaining an healthy copy of Mailbox Databases.This will help us to keep our exchange healthy.Also we can use EMS for the same operation that we will be covering in another session.

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